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About Me

If there's one thing you're going to get
while reading my writing,
it's an education in rural living.

We live on a small homestead in north Idaho with a goal of food self-sufficiency. A bit over two years ago, we sold our 20-acre place and downsized to something smaller, so we're  starting over in a new location.

Originally we were products of the suburbs, so we had a steep learning curve: Milking cows. Making cheese, butter, and yogurt. Planting, scything, and threshing wheat. Dehorning and castrating calves. Growing a garden. Raising chickens. Canning and preserving.

Followers of my blog, Rural Revolution, have watched our exploits over the years. They've seen our victories, they've seen our failures, and they've watched us build a homestead from scratch.

For decades, our primary means of support was a home woodcraft business. Because that meant our income was unpredictable, we learned the art of frugality to the nth degree, a subject that continues to fascinate me.

We've been blessed with two wonderful daughters, both of whom are now adults and out on their own – so now we're empty nesters (just another phase of life).

Our older daughter worked for many years as a certified professional nanny.  Last year she took over our woodcraft business and made it her own. Our younger daughter is serving in the Navy as an electronics tech, stationed in Europe.

My two biggest hobbies are canning and reading. I love to can, and often cover canning issues on my blog. We also have an extensive library, about half of which can be seen below.

The skills of the pioneers fascinate me, and these are often incorporated into my fiction writing. You've been warned.

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